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Food trip: must-try dishes from Southeast Asia

Food trip: must-try dishes from Southeast Asia

Many people will agree that there is no tastier way to get to know the history and culture of a destination than to sample its cuisine. This is especially true in Southeast Asia, where the food is as big as an attraction as the islands, lagoons, and historical sites that the region is known for. Whether you prefer the refined flavors of a 5-star restaurant or enjoy the experience of eating in quaint stalls on the street,here are some Southeast Asian dishes that will make your mouth water:





Popular in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, this dish – consisting of rice noodles and chicken or seafood cooked in a spicy broth – combines the heartiness of a noodle soup with the coconut-y richness of curry, making it a cornerstone of Malay cuisine.











Cambodia’s most famous dish is basically a traditional Thai curry with a twist: instead of stewing, it is steam-cooked in banana leaves. Served with rice, it makes for a filling meal, great for lunch or dinner.









Pad See Ew

A Thai stir-fried dish made with rice noodles, thinly-sliced meat such as pork or chicken, a mix of dark and light soy sauce, garlic, and Chinese broccoli, it is often passed over in favor of the more popular Pad Thai, but is every bit as flavorful.














Both filling and light, Vietnam’s famous noodle broth is a hearty and healthy dish you can enjoy after a day of exploring Vietnam’s natural wonders.











Thailand and Cambodia’s version of this sweet staple is stretched thin and fried, filled with your choice of fruit, chocolate, or condensed milk, and rolled up so that the outside is crispy and the middle is soft and chewy. Available in food stalls and usually during the late hours, it’s perfect for dessert or as a midnight snack.




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  • freemtnbonus.com on August 22, 2017 12:02 am Reply

    The food looks so colorful and super-delicious, would love to try them out s omeday, thanks for the mouth-watering list.

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